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Integrating Passivhaus standard principles

High standard = low maintenance
Passivhaus is much more rigorous than traditional building. As a result the house will require less maintenance and repairs over time.
Uniform temperature
The MVHR system ensures that heat is spread evenly throughout the house. The triple glazed windows are free of any cold radiant effect.
Reduced heat demand = smaller heating system
The heating system in a Passivhaus is typically 1/4 the size of an that in an equivalent building.
Free of condensation, damp and mould at 17°+
Passivhaus requires all surfaces within the building envelope to remain above 17° Celsius without any input from the heating system. 17° is the dew point of water. As a result all Passive houses are free of condensation and resultant mould.
Triple glazed windows have excellent sound insulation qualities making Passivhaus an ideal choice for noisy locations that were previously deemed unsuitable for housing.
Go off-grid with renewables
Passivhaus is so efficient that it is possible to go off-grid with Heat Pumps and Solar Panels.

Benchmarked building efficiency


Project : Godwit House

Passivhaus delivers comfortable low energy consumption buildings that perform as designed. Its creation was led by building physicist Wolfgang Feist as a modern approach to reducing energy demand. It is a rigorous benchmarked standard, and is fast becoming the world-leading approach in environmentally friendly housing. 

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The business is run by David Roberts and Steven Henderson who have over 40 years’ joint  experience in the building trade. We are supported by our team of skilled tradesmen. We are specialists in delivering both contemporary and modern high-end  extensions, refurbishments and renovations across Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and  County Durham.

David managed the project to our complete satisfaction. He ensured that all trades delivered the high quality standards which we required from all stages of the project. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend David’s impressive work ethic and his ability to think about tomorrow’s potential problems today, something which is so valuable in project management.

– Homeowner, Northumberland


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